Coronavirus cases continue to explode in the UK as the government watch on.

Early on today, cases soared to 1,950 in the biggest single leap in patients with the virus in one day. The UK death toll has also risen to 71 victims today and what has the government said in regards to this? Keep washing your hands, avoid social gatherings, work from home and self isolate if you have any symptoms.

It has become very unfortunate that our current government is doing the bare minimum to protect its civilians. We have had months to prepare for this ahead of China and most recently Italy however the government did not take precautions. Instead they let it fester and spread amongst our communities and have stopped testing.

Only 5 days ago, Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK said that an estimate of ’10k Brits were infected’ and today he stated that it was now 50k. Rather than throw estimates and give advice on what businesses and employees can do, how about the government actually take a firm stance and enforce these rules instead of leaving it to individuals to make the choice.

People are already struggling as it is, due to the continuous spread of the virus and the death toll increasing every day. Now they have reasons to feel insecure financially due to the low SSP (Statutory Sick Pay), not being able to get to work due to dependants at home, zero hour contracts that do not give sick pay, the self employed who can’t work because of the Coronavirus and in return have no income. All of this means that people are not going to be able to pay rent, mortgages, bills, food etc, as they wont be able to afford it.  It’s all nice of Boris to say that people can just work at home however a lot of the population do not have that option because of the industry they work in. How are retail workers supposed to work at home? care workers? waiters/waitresses? bartenders? hair stylist? Who is going to help these people when they cannot work from home or work in their stores due to closures? Who is going to help support them? Many countries have already addressed these issues such as Canada, France and so on by stating that the government will give support to those directly affected by the Coronavirus in their time of need. However our government has not addressed any of these concerns and instead have proposed today that they will give loans/grants to businesses to get by but nothing for the general population to get by on. Is it really that difficult to provide help to those in needs and put the people’s lives first before the economy? If other countries can manage, I’m sure the UK can however that might be too much to ask for from Boris.

The government needs to understand that without people, there is no economy. They have no excuse for the increasing death toll in this country compared to other countries around the world. This government has failed those that have died to this disease and those who will continue to do so. It can only get worse from here on but even now, I am expecting the government to finally do something for the general population by taking stricter measures and actually implementing them into place.

Is washing our hands, really enough?

As you already know, the coronavirus has gone global, infecting almost every country in the world, yet still not being classed as a pandemic by the WHO. The UK has significantly increased as everyday passes with a total of 317 today.

How is the UK dealing with it? Well the prime minister, Boris Johnson along with the health secretary has advised us to continue washing our hands for 20 seconds and carry on as normal. Now I do understand that certain statements and measures will turn the public into a panicked frenzy which will not help anyone in the slightest. (Que the panic buyers) However, the public is left clueless, with no one from above I.e the government giving us an example of how to approach this virus, we are given empty words.

Till this day, the government is not taking this virus seriously which then makes certain members of the public also not take it seriously and as a result, this puts our most vulnerable at most risk. The UK had its 5th victim today and I feel like it will only get worse. Accepting flights from red zones and not taking the right precautions at airports which are already high risk will make this virus continue to spread rapidly. It’s all good saying how the majority will be fine as long as they’re young and healthy, but what does that mean to those who dont fit into that criteria? Who is going to reassure and help protect them? As a country, we should be demanding more from our government in tackling the virus than just words of washing our hands more frequently.

So I’m back and now I have costochondritis.

Last year was one for the record, a year where it began with self improvement, self healing and positivity turned the remaining part of the year into a nightmare. I will forever have mixed feelings about 2019, there was a lot of great moments yet at the same time, alot of grief and sorrow but that story is for another time.

Now let’s talk about my new friend here, costochondritis. Yaay, as if beginning the new year wasn’t great enough, I now have an annoying painful condition to accompany me into this very long, long year. So costochondritis is an inflammation of the ribs and the sternum so basically I have constant chest, rib and upper back pain and I got this annoying condition by carrying something heavy. Now the catch is, there is nothing that can be done about it, other than taking over the counter painkillers, apparently it is a ‘harmless condition’. I mean, I guess it is better than having a heart condition which I thought I had because of the localised chest pain. However, I’ve been having this issue for over 2 months and it’s a struggle to do things because it just gets in the way. I am at lost at words, I always thought life would be a breeze for me in my twenties since my teen years were just a good old mess but now I’m convinced it just gets worse lol. Regardless, I’m not giving up. What I have gathered from this condition is that my chest wall is inflamed, so I’m going to do everything in my means to make them not inflamed, so I have googled some more natural alternatives means of anti inflammatory medication because taking ibuprofen 3 times a day, everyday is going to probably kill my liver. So here is a list of things I plan on incorporating into my life to help heal my condition although I am not licensed nor a doctor so google and talk with your doctor and all the jazz.

  • stretches, there are alot of stretches than helps with costochondritis that you can find on youtube
  • turmeric supplements
  • ginger supplements
  • proteolytic enzyme
  • vitamin e
  • anti inflammatory gel
  • hot water bottle
  • cold compress
  • massage the ribs
  • soaks in the bath

Not to mention, I have also ordered a few things to help ease me during the day so a back support cushion for my chair to help with my posture, a shoulder brace strap to keep my back straight and a spine back stretcher to help me do my stretches on. Now I don’t know if these will help or not but I’m desperate and the minute you are injured or unwell, your top priority is to get better and that’s what I’m trying to do. I have also found out that eating certain foods will also help with reducing the inflammation of the joints such as papaya and so on, which I will further look into.

Anyway, that’s me for now. Wish me luck.

The phantom frap.

After coming eye to eye with the poster promoting this 'phantom frap', I had
to try it. I mean it was black and green and pretty much represented
Halloween in all its glory. Consisting of coconut and lime, gave the frap
it's sweet and sour goulish taste as one would expect of a seasonal frap. 
Not for the faint hearted yet for the wicked souls. I must warn you though 
that this frap is only in stores for 7 days so hurry before your fellow
monsters get their grubs on it.

Image result for happy halloween sketch gif

Saying goodbye repeatedly doesn’t seem to get easier.

I have been in a long distance relationship for nearly 5 years, this October
actually marks our milestone this year. Unlike some, we get to see each 
other every month at least twice which I know I am lucky for but it doesn't 
seem to get easier. Today after seeing my significant other for a week, I
had to say goodbye and after all those years of saying goodbye, you would
think it would be easier but it isn't and probably never will be. I realised
when he is gone, I go quiet, no one to talk too in person, no physical 
contact or presence. Our life long dream is to live with each other's 
company so saying goodbye doesn't become easier. I believe we will achieve 
that someday but in the meantime regardless of our mutual goal, it's hard
to sleep alone.

Letting your thoughts consume you.

It happens to the best of us but sometimes I feel like I'm always in this
mode. I tend to overthink and then let my thoughts consume me to the point
of having no sleep nor a social life. I don't want to leave my bed, I don't
want to leave my room nor meet anyone. I slumber into nothingness and drift
away into thoughts of loneliness. But then I get a message, sometimes a 
video recommendation or even a news article that will grab my head reaching 
for something or someone to get me out of my thoughts, a distraction? 
actually something to make me smile. At these moments, I begin to realise
how life isn't that bad, it's a journey, it's a struggle but it will all 
count. However remaining positive is so hard, I might smile on the outside
but that's not how I'm actually feeling on the inside. Where to go from 
here, a nice cup of coffee, some cosy socks and something to watch to 
distract my hurt soul.

The pain of having wisdom teeth.

As I began my soaring twenties, my wisdom teeth came to show and boy did
all four peak through. Last year after suffering with constant tooth
aches, my dentist finally gave the go ahead to get my upper wisdom teeth
removed. To be honest, the procedure went really well and painless. Not to 
mention the recovery period went very smoothly too so I was thankful. It
was one of the best decisions I've ever made, as getting rid of them made
the pain go away. However when it came to my bottom wisdom teeth, they 
decided that it wasn't necessary just yet to get them removed, they 
basically said, until it causes issues we're not removing them. Now that 
sounds all dandy, however both of my bottom wisdom teeth are impacted with
the bonus of one having half a gum covering it, making it more painful. 
Do you know how hard it is to clean teeth that are impacted with one 
practically hidden away? I try my best but with no doubt, I believe I have
an infection and have to way till next week for the check up. The miracle
of salt with some warm water has helped so much though so I'm so thankful
and it has helped with the inflammation so after 6 days of being sore and 
being in pain, I'll be able to sleep tonight in time for my dentist 
appointment. Regardless, from what I have gathered from this is that a
tooth ache is one of the worst things ever but thank god for painkillers
and salt water.