Magic cushion review.

Vtks Love U RegulAr

The Missha x Line collaboration magic cushion in Moisture (Sally the duck version) is a BB cream in a form of a cushion pact. The shade that I got was in the colour 21 which was the lightest. There is also a brown version of the cushion (the bear version), that is a semi – matte finish.

The pros and cons for this bb cream as follows.

The cushion is not bulky which makes it easy to carry on hand, it has the most cutest packaging with a nice large mirror on the inside of the lid. The puff that it comes with gives a smooth coverage to the skin when used together. It has light to medium coverage if you build it up and it covers your pores well.

However it can be quite tacky so if you don’t like the sticky feeling it can hold on your face, you could either set it with powder or maybe it is not for you.

Overall, I think this cushion was a great effort from Missha. It gives a moisturize feeling to the face but lacks in coverage so I would give this cushion a 5/10.

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