What to write about, when you don’t have a life outside your bedroom.

After years of writing in school, sixth form and university, why does it not get any easier?Its easy to say, why don’t you write something? at least you’ll be productive, however when you have nothing going on in your personal life, what is there to write about. I mean I could write about the kdrama I just binged watched or the lack of motivation that seems to be permanently within me,but that’s just so boring.


How to make the most of your life at 23 with no dreams or aspirations. Why did I have to be born into a life who has no determination or motivation to do anything. Can that therapy session hurry up please, I am literally grasping for air, hoping someone can push me into doing something  with my mundane life, give me a kick up my backside. I know I have to do something, I mean I have a degree but that’s not enough, when you don’t have the determination yourself and especially when others have no faith in you either. This has turned into a very rant and angst filled post but the minute I started writing, these feelings started pouring out. I need to make a promise with myself, for my own sanity. Write everyday, no matter how short or lack of substance it is, write to pull out that confidence within you and then use that to build on your skill and improve on your writing ability. Lets see how the future me tomorrow will see the post and if she will comply.


a girl who wants to be something.


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