Good Afternoon.

Coffee thoughts// vol 1.

Does anyone else tend to drift of into their minds whilst drinking coffee?
because I do. Today I woke up feeling ok like most days, I want to change
this type of pessimistic feeling and magically turn it into a obnoxious
positive feeling but it's hard and that's ok, these things take time.

Anyhow, today is a work day and it's a very nice day. Now that's annoying,
why is it that every time I'm at work, the sky is most beautiful. I'm 
starting to think God has a vendetta against me... This morning, I treated
myself to a caramel latte with a dose of brown cinnamon sugar syrup, it has
become one of my all time fave duos, it's so yummy that I could have 10 
cups of it in a day. 

As I sip the remaining bits of my yummy latte, I 
thought to myself, shit I got dishes to do.

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