Pre holiday jitters.

Does anyone else get semi nervous about travelling? I'll be going to Italy
this Saturday for 4 days with my SO and I'm so excited but so nervous at the
same time, almost like pre wedding jitters, not that I have been married but
I assume it's the same? Anyways, we'll be staying at Margeria which is on the
mainland and 20 mins away from Venice, It has a beach, swimming pool and the
best bit is that we will be staying in these cute huts so not your standard
hotel but more of a camping style except more like glamping with its shower
and toilet. 

To be honest, I haven't been abroad since I last travelling to Prague so I 
feel extremely grateful and happy to be able to go to Italy even if it's for
4 days. The thought of being away from home, from the U.K brings me so much
sigh of relief if you know what I mean? almost like I'm experiencing 
freedom for the first time. I'm sure everyone knows what I mean, you know 
when you want to escape from it all and you wonder if that will make your
problems go away, make you happy. I always feel like that when I'm travelling
,my issues just feel lighter, I'm more happier and when I come home, it's
just not the same feeling and I do always wonder why it feels so melancholic
coming home. Regardless, it'll be fun and I'm excited to let my hair down
and have fun for once, away from responsibilities. 


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