Back from Venice to reality.

I recently returned from my short travels to Venice with my SO and I'm 
already feeling some sort of way. It truly is hard to return back to your
mundane lifestyle after some travels, especially when you live in grey old 
London. (I say that but London will always be my home.) Regardless, it was
a swell old time, I explored somewhere new, embraced a new culture and made
new friends. 
Does anyone else get butterflies in their stomach when visiting a new place?
The excitement, the endorphins, come crashing into my gut, giving me the 
best feeling in the world and then the worst as that moment is never 
forever. The pictures help with the nostalgia but nothing will ever beat 
that moment of time when you first set your foot off the plane, when you 
breathe in the air of another country into your lungs, when you open your 
eyes and see the beautiful city around you. The memory makes me smile but 
also haunts me as I get worried I wont be able to experience that feeling 
again almost like love, it's scary to let go, it's hard to look back but 
there's something called hope, there's always something to look forward too. 
We humans are great at achieving what we put our minds too and that thought
will always comfort me amongst all those other feelings, 
so arrivederci Venice.

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