The pain of having wisdom teeth.

As I began my soaring twenties, my wisdom teeth came to show and boy did
all four peak through. Last year after suffering with constant tooth
aches, my dentist finally gave the go ahead to get my upper wisdom teeth
removed. To be honest, the procedure went really well and painless. Not to 
mention the recovery period went very smoothly too so I was thankful. It
was one of the best decisions I've ever made, as getting rid of them made
the pain go away. However when it came to my bottom wisdom teeth, they 
decided that it wasn't necessary just yet to get them removed, they 
basically said, until it causes issues we're not removing them. Now that 
sounds all dandy, however both of my bottom wisdom teeth are impacted with
the bonus of one having half a gum covering it, making it more painful. 
Do you know how hard it is to clean teeth that are impacted with one 
practically hidden away? I try my best but with no doubt, I believe I have
an infection and have to way till next week for the check up. The miracle
of salt with some warm water has helped so much though so I'm so thankful
and it has helped with the inflammation so after 6 days of being sore and 
being in pain, I'll be able to sleep tonight in time for my dentist 
appointment. Regardless, from what I have gathered from this is that a
tooth ache is one of the worst things ever but thank god for painkillers
and salt water.

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