Is washing our hands, really enough?

As you already know, the coronavirus has gone global, infecting almost every country in the world, yet still not being classed as a pandemic by the WHO. The UK has significantly increased as everyday passes with a total of 317 today.

How is the UK dealing with it? Well the prime minister, Boris Johnson along with the health secretary has advised us to continue washing our hands for 20 seconds and carry on as normal. Now I do understand that certain statements and measures will turn the public into a panicked frenzy which will not help anyone in the slightest. (Que the panic buyers) However, the public is left clueless, with no one from above I.e the government giving us an example of how to approach this virus, we are given empty words.

Till this day, the government is not taking this virus seriously which then makes certain members of the public also not take it seriously and as a result, this puts our most vulnerable at most risk. The UK had its 5th victim today and I feel like it will only get worse. Accepting flights from red zones and not taking the right precautions at airports which are already high risk will make this virus continue to spread rapidly. It’s all good saying how the majority will be fine as long as they’re young and healthy, but what does that mean to those who dont fit into that criteria? Who is going to reassure and help protect them? As a country, we should be demanding more from our government in tackling the virus than just words of washing our hands more frequently.

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