Coronavirus cases continue to explode in the UK as the government watch on.

Early on today, cases soared to 1,950 in the biggest single leap in patients with the virus in one day. The UK death toll has also risen to 71 victims today and what has the government said in regards to this? Keep washing your hands, avoid social gatherings, work from home and self isolate if you have any symptoms.

It has become very unfortunate that our current government is doing the bare minimum to protect its civilians. We have had months to prepare for this ahead of China and most recently Italy however the government did not take precautions. Instead they let it fester and spread amongst our communities and have stopped testing.

Only 5 days ago, Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK said that an estimate of ’10k Brits were infected’ and today he stated that it was now 50k. Rather than throw estimates and give advice on what businesses and employees can do, how about the government actually take a firm stance and enforce these rules instead of leaving it to individuals to make the choice.

People are already struggling as it is, due to the continuous spread of the virus and the death toll increasing every day. Now they have reasons to feel insecure financially due to the low SSP (Statutory Sick Pay), not being able to get to work due to dependants at home, zero hour contracts that do not give sick pay, the self employed who can’t work because of the Coronavirus and in return have no income. All of this means that people are not going to be able to pay rent, mortgages, bills, food etc, as they wont be able to afford it.  It’s all nice of Boris to say that people can just work at home however a lot of the population do not have that option because of the industry they work in. How are retail workers supposed to work at home? care workers? waiters/waitresses? bartenders? hair stylist? Who is going to help these people when they cannot work from home or work in their stores due to closures? Who is going to help support them? Many countries have already addressed these issues such as Canada, France and so on by stating that the government will give support to those directly affected by the Coronavirus in their time of need. However our government has not addressed any of these concerns and instead have proposed today that they will give loans/grants to businesses to get by but nothing for the general population to get by on. Is it really that difficult to provide help to those in needs and put the people’s lives first before the economy? If other countries can manage, I’m sure the UK can however that might be too much to ask for from Boris.

The government needs to understand that without people, there is no economy. They have no excuse for the increasing death toll in this country compared to other countries around the world. This government has failed those that have died to this disease and those who will continue to do so. It can only get worse from here on but even now, I am expecting the government to finally do something for the general population by taking stricter measures and actually implementing them into place.

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