The holiday season is great for some but not so great for others// my thoughts.

So Christmas is coming up soon, I know Halloween is up first in the upcoming seasonal holidays this year but that is over so quickly, you barely celebrate it compared to Christmas. You see Christmas excites me, It brings me joy when I go into a store and I hear the jingles, I see theContinue reading “The holiday season is great for some but not so great for others// my thoughts.”

Carole & Tuesday// a light hearted, musical anime that tugs on your heart strings.

I believe the last time I wrote an anime review was for ‘Erased’ and I don’t think I did it any justice but then again no review can, you gotta watch these things for yourself. Now the first time I heard about Carole & Tuesday was on a recommended youtube video where someone had uploadedContinue reading “Carole & Tuesday// a light hearted, musical anime that tugs on your heart strings.”

Coffee thoughts//vol 3.

Coffee thoughts. Today I thought to myself, I would adventure out into the wilderness and by that I mean go outside by myself. I ended up in a local Costa being tempted by their seasonal drinks and ordered myself a bonfire latte and yes it does taste as good as it sounds. There was alsoContinue reading “Coffee thoughts//vol 3.”

Coffee thoughts//vol 2.

Woke up today feeling tired as usual, when will I become a morning person I wonder. The coffee is helping slightly but I know I’m going to have to pull out my wild card and buy a light redbull to get me rolling for the day. Regardless, today is a Sunday, a chill day forContinue reading “Coffee thoughts//vol 2.”

Back from Venice to reality.

I recently returned from my short travels to Venice with my SO and I’m already feeling some sort of way. It truly is hard to return back to your mundane lifestyle after some travels, especially when you live in grey old London. (I say that but London will always be my home.) Regardless, it wasContinue reading “Back from Venice to reality.”

Pre holiday jitters.

Does anyone else get semi nervous about travelling? I’ll be going to Italy this Saturday for 4 days with my SO and I’m so excited but so nervous at the same time, almost like pre wedding jitters, not that I have been married but I assume it’s the same? Anyways, we’ll be staying at MargeriaContinue reading “Pre holiday jitters.”

A sexist moment at work.

So you know how I always mention how I have a uneventful day at work almost all the time, well today was the same except for that one moment, ‘the sexist moment’. Now I wish I could dramatises this for you all but it pretty much went like this. You see, this customer was slightlyContinue reading “A sexist moment at work.”

Before I sleep thoughts.

So today was a uneventful, mundane evening. I had a evening shift and had a not so pleasant experience with a Priest, I mean it’s kind of funny yet confusing at the same time but anyway, that’s a story for another day. I rushed home after my shift and started to feel really sick becauseContinue reading “Before I sleep thoughts.”

Good Afternoon.

Coffee thoughts// vol 1. Does anyone else tend to drift of into their minds whilst drinking coffee? because I do. Today I woke up feeling ok like most days, I want to change this type of pessimistic feeling and magically turn it into a obnoxious positive feeling but it’s hard and that’s ok, these thingsContinue reading “Good Afternoon.”

Question, why are people so mean?

Lately, this question has kept on popping up into my brain, now it could be the job I have but I have noticed that the more I interact with strangers or let’s say actual human beings on this planet, I’ve noticed how rude they are and for no reason. Let me tell you something aboutContinue reading “Question, why are people so mean?”