The phantom frap.

After coming eye to eye with the poster promoting this ‘phantom frap’, I had to try it. I mean it was black and green and pretty much represented Halloween in all its glory. Consisting of coconut and lime, gave the frap it’s sweet and sour goulish taste as one would expect of a seasonal frap.Continue reading “The phantom frap.”

Late brunch.

A few days ago I met up with a dear friend of mine for a catch up at a place called Melange in Crouchend. Inspired from Southern France, Italy and Spain, this place brings holiday and sunshine inspired dishes to you. We ordered a latte ofcourse with super green salads with halloumi and fries. ItContinue reading “Late brunch.”

Korean food on a budget in the midst of London: Seoul Bakery.

Seoul Bakery is a small restaurant tucked away in the midst of a busy street in London, Russell Square. Having been eating there for the last 4 years, it has remained one of my most favourite and most frequented restaurants of all time. Inspired by Korean street food, Seoul Bakery offers a variety of Korea’sContinue reading “Korean food on a budget in the midst of London: Seoul Bakery.”