Coronavirus cases continue to explode in the UK as the government watch on.

Early on today, cases soared to 1,950 in the biggest single leap in patients with the virus in one day. The UK death toll has also risen to 71 victims today and what has the government said in regards to this? Keep washing your hands, avoid social gatherings, work from home and self isolate ifContinue reading “Coronavirus cases continue to explode in the UK as the government watch on.”

Is washing our hands, really enough?

As you already know, the coronavirus has gone global, infecting almost every country in the world, yet still not being classed as a pandemic by the WHO. The UK has significantly increased as everyday passes with a total of 317 today. How is the UK dealing with it? Well the prime minister, Boris Johnson alongContinue reading “Is washing our hands, really enough?”

The pain of having wisdom teeth.

As I began my soaring twenties, my wisdom teeth came to show and boy did all four peak through. Last year after suffering with constant tooth aches, my dentist finally gave the go ahead to get my upper wisdom teeth removed. To be honest, the procedure went really well and painless. Not to mention theContinue reading “The pain of having wisdom teeth.”

One of the most addictive survival games today!

Rust is an apocalyptic survival sandbox being developed by the creator of another game called Garry’s mod, Facepunch Studio. The basis of the game is set on a deserted island where you have to craft, build and scavenge scarce resources to survive against the wildlife and other online players. Before I get too deep intoContinue reading “One of the most addictive survival games today!”

Magic cushion review.

The Missha x Line collaboration magic cushion in Moisture (Sally the duck version) is a BB cream in a form of a cushion pact. The shade that I got was in the colour 21 which was the lightest. There is also a brown version of the cushion (the bear version), that is a semi –Continue reading “Magic cushion review.”