The Empress of China ♛

Based on the true events that took place in the 7th and 8th Tang dynasty about Wu Zetian. The Empress of China is a fiction period drama about  Wu Zetian becoming the first woman in Chinese history to become an Empress.

The number of episodes are 82 and was created by the beautiful actress Fan Bingbing who stars as the main character.

What attracted me the most about this series other than Fan Bingbing was the alluring costumes, they are so eye catchy that they nearly got me blinded. The set, props and the visual yet vibrant colours are also worth mentioning as they steal the show. This show is an art piece in motion, every little detail is worth gazing at (even the floor.)

Image result for the empress of china costume

The series opens with a young Fan Bingbing who enters the palace at a young age aspiring to become the emperor’s consort. Nonetheless, he does take notice and makes her his consort, too further disdain by his other consorts. This results in many false accusations against Wu Zetian who ends up growing distant with the Emperor himself till the day he dies.

After the death of the Emperor, she is sent to a monastery to become a nun, however she is stopped by the New Emperor who proclaims he has been in love with her for a very long time. Withstanding many battles, wars, hurt and pain in the palace and in the dynasty, Wu Zetian becomes the first empress in china to rule by herself only which is how the series ends.

This empress drives through multiple genres such as action, romance, comedy, slice of life, drama and so on but the core of the drama is driven by romance, comedy and action.

The focus on this, I think is to balance the issues that happen in the palace (drama) along with the eventful events happening in the town (comedy) as well as the activity happening in the borders (action.)

Fan Bingbing studios does a great job at combining three genres as the core reason to forwarding the main plot line as it guarantees to the audience that they would find something they like to watch from it.

However  I must mention that each episode is 44 minutes long and are over 80 episodes, so you would have to be determined and loyal with this drama as it tends to drag on in some parts.

Overall, I do believe this is a great Asian drama to watch about the Chinese dynasty and its first powerful woman to ever rule. The underlying plot adds an element of diversity and the costumes and set designs add or in fact complete the drama series as it represents the dynasty extremely well as a rich, luxurious decade.