Coronavirus cases continue to explode in the UK as the government watch on.

Early on today, cases soared to 1,950 in the biggest single leap in patients with the virus in one day. The UK death toll has also risen to 71 victims today and what has the government said in regards to this? Keep washing your hands, avoid social gatherings, work from home and self isolate ifContinue reading “Coronavirus cases continue to explode in the UK as the government watch on.”

Mad Max fury road 🎬

So Mad Max was an amazing film. Yes, I know I’m very very late but when it first came out, I wasn’t feeling the hype for it because everyone spoke about it and it made me not want to watch it (yes I know, what a hipster). Then, when I did want to watch it,Continue reading “Mad Max fury road 🎬”

The Empress of China ♛

Based on the true events that took place in the 7th and 8th Tang dynasty about Wu Zetian. The Empress of China is a fiction period drama about  Wu Zetian becoming the first woman in Chinese history to become an Empress. The number of episodes are 82 and was created by the beautiful actress FanContinue reading “The Empress of China ♛”